Spare Parts

Unique to ANDAR

We supply genuine spare parts unique to ANDAR which is extremely important in the maintenance of early stage wool processing equipment.  Carrying our own stocks ensures we can offer cheaper and quicker dispatch for wool scourers.  ANDAR recognises that with the majority of customers demanding maximum production hours, the ability to minimise disruption when obtaining genuine spare parts becomes a paramount concern for production managers and engineers.

Early stage wool processing machinery includes all spare parts for:

  • Blending
  • Dryers
  • Fellmongery equipment
  • Opening & pre-cleaning
  • Scour cleaning

Squeeze Press Ropes

ANDAR has extensively researched this top quality rope and highly recommends it as a superior and cost effective choice for Squeeze Press rollers. Designed in conjunction with ANDAR to provide the optimum balance between squeeze efficiency and durability in operation. We stock the full range including full instructions.   Download our Squeeze Roller Lapping Recommendations.

Rapid Dispatch

The rapid dispatch of services and parts is critical in developing working relationships with its customers.   We dispatch parts overnight to customers in New Zealand.  For international customers we ensure the maximum delivery time is within five working days.