Contractor Information

Contractor Information ANDAR Limited

This page allows contractors working for ANDAR to access both the ANDAR induction Course as well as download the Permit To Work form needed for any work being performed by contractors.

ANDAR Induction Course

This is an online Induction Course that gives Contractors the opportunity to complete the Induction Process so that they are fully aware of the procedures while working for Andar.


After you click on the button above you will be taken to the Induction login screen. If this is your first time you will need to create a new account. After filling in the user details an email will be sent to you allowing you access to the course.

Andar Ltd Permit to Work Form

As part of Andar’s health & Safety requirements, contractors are asked to complete the permit to Work form in line with the task to be carried out. Along with this form will be any relevant documentation.

The completed form, along with any accompanying documentation, is then to be handed to the workshop manager for approval before commencement of any work that is to be carried out by the contractor.

More Information

For more information on either the induction process or permit to Work documentation please contact the workshop manager using the form below.

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