Factory maintenance

Plant maintenance is a crucial part of any company’s operation.  Down time costs companies valuable production time. To minimise these risks a quality maintenance team is available, backed by a highly equipped workshop. ANDAR Engineering Solutions offers factories peace of mind with their on-call facilities.  Our highly skilled and experienced staff have a broad engineering knowledge relative to the varied industries in South Canterbury.


International factory relocation

ANDAR Engineering Solutions is very well known internationally for its capability to dismantle large factory installations, containerise and ship to a new location, followed by full installation and commissioning of the plant at its new site.  Small teams of highly skilled engineers, using local resources, can quickly and efficiently dismantle and package large projects.


Updating old equipment

Keeping factory equipment modern and up to date is an essential part of any factory’s life cycle.  Having a company that can reliably remove old plant and refit new technology is essential to minimise down time. ANDAR Engineering Solutions is well suited in plant refurbishment, having a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers backed by a well equipped workshop.